Question Lifecycle

Every question has the following lifecyle:

workflow: private
workflow: waiting for review
workflow: under revision
workflow: published
A newly created question is in the private state. In this state, the contribution is stored in the system but it is visible only for the author. In the private state, the author can edit the question without any interference from other participants.
waiting for review
If the discussion group has a publication workflow enabled, the contribution has to undergo a review before it gets published. To start the publication workflow, the author has to request a review. After requesting the review, the contribution is moved to the state waiting for review. A randomly selected particpant is advised to respond to the request for review. As long as the reviewer has not responded, the contribution remains in the state waiting for review. In this state, the contribution remains editable by the author. Unlike the private state, the contribution is visible now for the designated reviewer too. 
under revision
After the reviewer accepts the review task, the contribution is moved to the state under revision. In this state, the author can further edit his contribution. It's a good idea to base such changes on the reviewer's input and feedback. The reviewer can follow the changes the author makes, however, he can't edit the contribution by himself. If both the author and the reviewer are satisfied about the contribution, it's the revier who can move the contribution to the open state. Thus, the responsability of the contribution's publication is shared.
If a contribution is open, it's visible for all members in the discussion forum. Moreover, participants in the discussion group can add completions or follow up questions. If a contribution is in the open state, it can't be edited anymore.
answered requested
A participant of a discussion (possibly an author of a completion to a qustion) can send a request to move a specific question to the answered state. This request is sent to the group administration. The question remains in the state answered requested until the group administration processes this request.
If the group administration agrees with the request to move a specific question to the answered state, this request is processed. In the answered state, the question and its completions remain visible in the discussion group. However, adding completions to an answered question is disabled.
reopen requested
If a participant wants to add further completions to an answered question, he can send a request to reopen the question to the group administration. This request moved the question to the state reopen requested.
The author of a contribution may decide to delete his contribution. Contribution deletion is possible only if the contribution is private. Open or ansered questions can't be deleted. A contibution in the deleted state is invisible for all members.