Installation Instructions: VIF Quickstart Release 1.2

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Special release for testing purposes: This version has both a web server and a database included. Therefore, no installation of web server and database are needed.


The application needs Java Version 1.7 (or higher).



Download the file vif-quickstart_1.2.0.201510041704.jar and put it in the file system in the place where you want to run the application.
Rename the file to vif-quickstart-8080.jar where 8080 is the port number you want the web application to run with.
Start the application
The file contains an executable Java application. By double clicking the file, it will extract the java packages, start the web application (i.e. the OSGi runtime) with the port number you configured (in our example 8080) and fire up your default web browser with the URL http://localhost:8080/admin.
A popup window is displayed allowing you to configure the database connection. For the test drive, you can accept the preconfigured 'Derby embedded' connection. After saving this configuration, the database context needed for the application is created. After that, a popup window with a form to create the application's super user (SU) is displayed. After entering the mandatory information, the member entry for the super user is created and you are logged in as this super user.
Set up forum
You're able know to add new members and discussion groups and to edit permissions. The next thing you have to do is to create member entries for the forum administration.
Start forum application
You can start the application simply by calling http://localhost:8080/forum/.