Installation Instructions: Release 1.2

The VIF application is provided in two versions:

The VIF production release vif-Rel1.2.tar.gz:

Use this version if you intend to use the application as productive discussion forum. To run this version, you have to install and configure other components first, i.e. you have to run a MySQL server and a Tomcat servlet engine. Most probably you want to use a web server in front of the servlet engine and a mail server to dispatch the mails produced by the forum application. Therefore, you may install these components too.

The VIF quickstart release vif-quickstart_1.2.0.201510041704.jar:

Install this version if you want to test the forum application. This version has both a database and a web server embedded. Therefore, you can download this version into your file system, navigate to the directory in which you installed the application and run the application by double clicking the file. After installing and populating the embedded database, the web server is fired up and you can start your test drive through the application. After you've completed your testing, you can delete the application's installation directory. This removes any traces of the application from your system.